Distance from Nerdom

Distance from Nerdom

Despite our greatest efforts our fortress has been breached by the daily struggle that is “work”. While I am sure no one really wants to hear the madness that is a normal work day for a senior network engineer or the sheer insanity of a marketing coordinator, we want it to be know that although we have been unable to post, our nerdy ventures have continued.

I have started reading Otaku- Japan’s Database Animals by Hiroki Azuma, resisting the urge to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, and watching Space Dandy on CT. Big Al has dived into the realm of the Star Wars Old Republic game and is catching up on a large stack of comic books that has been growing for a month.

Our addiction to BBC’s Sherlock has grown tenfold with the release of the third season (Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing).  We are looking forward to Wes Anderson’s new film and counting down the days to the release of the next Sandman Volume.

We seriously hope to start recording again soon but until then we plan to really stick to updating our blogs regularly.  Not sure what exactly that will entail but at the very least it will be entertaining (because lets face it at this point you aren’t here for updates… it is probably our charming personality, infectious laughter and general awesomeness.)

We don’t always post on the blog but when we do it is EPIC or at least we want it to be.  So while there has been some distance our nerdom has only grown stronger.  Be on the lookout for new posts in the week to come.


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