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The roots of Hoosier Feeder Company grow deep in the grounds of Knightstown, IN with the owners having lived here nearly their whole lives as well as fostering the beginning of HFC itself.  Actively contributing to the community is a value that is not held lightly here.  From contributing materials and knowledge to local shop classes, to hosting annual chamber of commerce meetings we understand that as our presence grows, so does our responsibility.   

Named after Jonathan Knight, an engineer on the National Road project, cartographers platted Knightstown, IN.  Perhaps its most well known claim to fame, Knightstown is home to the Historic Hoosier Gym, which in 1986 premiered in the popular Hoosiers movie starring Gene Hackman.   Visit the Hoosier Gym website to learn more!


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We specialize in producing high quality and efficient equipment that orients parts with vibratory feeders and centrifugal food systems. We weave worldwide industries with our parts handling equipment. From custom built parts handling equipment to routine maintencace, service, installation and repair.



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